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Female to Male Body Massage in Delhi

 Mantra Spa is currently offering a 47% discount on a 60-minute Trigger Point Massage and your price is only Rs 799 (normal price Rs 1499).

Do you have pain or do you suffer from headaches, mouse arm, knee sprains, sciatica pain or other pain symptoms? Try trigger point massage which is a highly effective massage technique for treating specific pain conditions.

A trigger point is the point in the muscle that becomes very sore when there is an imbalance at e.g. an injury, or other problem in the area. When the point is pressed, it will often feel like pain radiating, e.g. in the treatment of frozen shoulder, where pressure is applied to the back of the shoulder blade, here the pain pulls out to the fingertips or to the front of the shoulder.

How does trigger point massage take place?
When a trigger point is treated, it is done by the masseur making a pressure directly on the sore point. The pressure is maintained for 10-20 seconds, but several shorter pressures can also be made. Among other things, this treatment triggers some hormones locally in the muscle, which help to relieve pain and make the muscle relax. A relaxed muscle works better and you avoid the side effects that can come in other parts of the body.
When pressing / treating the trigger points, the body is made aware that there is a problem in the treated area. Do you have a chronic injury / pain condition such as. shin splints, the body may need to be “reminded” that there is a problem that needs to be cured.

Trigger point massage is not given without the use of other techniques, although trigger point treatment can actually often be used alone for specific problems. Most often it is supplemented with physiurgical sports massage and in some cases acupuncture.

What can trigger point massage help with?
Running knee
Shin splints
Jumping knee
Sciatica pain
In the arms
Tennis elbow
Fingers sleeping and sensory disturbances
For back and shoulder pain
Low back pain
Frozen shoulder
Neck and head
Crick in the neck
Tightened jaws

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Female to Male Body Massage in Delhi

  Mantra Spa is currently offering a 47% discount on a 60-minute Trigger Point Massage and your price is only Rs 799 (normal price Rs 1499)...